County Meet- Volunteers, Tickets, T-shirts, & Parking

    Hi Marlins,

    Here are a few updates on the county meet for this upcoming weekend!  Below is the updated volunteer schedule, if you can't make your spot please help find a replacement. The county t-shirts that were ordered were delivered on Monday and are in the coaches' closet.  The county meet tickets will be in your family folders today.  Please have someone pick up your tickets if you will not be at practice.  Typically we get 2-3 tickets per swimmer.  Also, below is information on parking at Georgia Tech and prepaying for parking. 


    Session 1: 9 &10

    1 - Briley   

    2 -  Stoll

    Session 2:  13 & up

    1 -  Davis

    2 -  Rico

    3 -  Shumeyko

    4 -  Rhee

    ​5 -  Oliver  (timer)

    Session 3: 8 & under

    1 -  Reeves

    2 -  Hammond

    3 -  Zafft

    4 -  Pope

    5 -  Edwards   (timer)

    Session 4: 11-12

    1 -  DenBrok

    2 -  Briley

    3 -  Reeves  (timer)

    4 -  McCarth

    All workers must sign in at the worker sign-in table at the entrance to the Aquatic Center.  Specific instructions on when and where to report will be provided at the time of sign-in.  All workers must report and sign in by the times listed below.


    Timers – Timers are to provide their own stopwatch (obtain from your team).   You will be assigned a lane or the position of back-up timer.  You will provide the stopwatch times for each event.  You will be working at the start end of the pool.

    Arrival times

    Sat AM Session – 8:30 AM

    Sat PM Session – 2:30 PM

    Sun AM Session – 8:30 AM

    Sun PM Session – 2:30  PM

    Report to the Announcer’s table 45 minutes before the first event. 

    Security & Ushers – You will be posted in various locations for crowd control and to assist spectators find their seats.  (Seating areas, Pool entrance, Staging area, Pool Deck , Warm-up Area, Photo Area, Hospitality, etc)

    Arrival times

    Sat AM Session – 8:15 AM

    Sat PM Session – 2:15 PM

    Sun AM Session – 8:15 AM

    Sun PM Session – 2:30 PM

    Meet by the elevators on the main floor.


    County Parking 

    We encourage everyone to pre-purchase GA Tech parking passes.  The 2017 fee for pre-purchasing parking for the W10 deck is $12 per day or $23.60 for two days (with in-and-out privileges).  The cost without pre-purchasing parking for W10 will be $15/cash (with in-and-out privileges).  Please visit to pre-purchase parking, map and direction will be located here.  Search by 2017 GCSL Championships or scroll down and click on one of the 3 options to purchase. Remember if you are buying a day pass, make sure you purchase the correct day (July 8th or July 9th) otherwise you will have to pay $15 when you get there. Don't forget to print your pass and bring with you the day of the meet. We have nothing to do with GA Tech parking, so if you have any questions or issues with the click and park site, you will need to contact them directly.

    ·         Area 3: $10 cash or credit, no in-and-out privileges

    ·         Area 2: $5 cash or credit, no in-and-out privileges

    ·         Area 4: $5 cash or credit, no in-and-out privileges


    Please let us know if we can answer any questions!!

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