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Here are some helpful reminders about specific meet responsibilities for parents, volunteers and swimmers. Please read them all as you may need to know something for the next meet.

As we have said before, parent volunteers run meets each week. Plan to be working EACH meet! Be sure to arrive early and check-in to receive your nametag. If you need a replacement, find someone to take your place prior to check-in time (we have no parent roster at this time). Let the a Volunteer Coordinator know about the change asap! It is your responsibility to find a replacement before calling the Volunteer Coordinator. If you do not show up for the shift you are assigned to, we may assess a penalty applied for the next meet (i.e. your child may not swim), so PLEASE be courteous to the other parents and fill your shift. Make friends, exchange numbers early in the season.

You may be asked to fill in at a different position than the one you signed up for. We ask for your cooperation if things change.

We need your undivided attention while you are working.  Swimmers must stay in the bullpen area. Siblings of swimmers cannot work with you, and need to be supervised by an adult when you work and during the meet. Please plan accordingly.

• Set-up volunteers - check-in 4:00 pm and get your nametag

• First-Shift Concession -- check-in 4:00 pm,get your nametag, shift ends at 7 pm

• First-Shift Workers - report before 5:00 PM; allow for traffic, especially for away meets...check-in to receive your nametag; stay until the end of the Event 40...

• Second-Shift Workers - begin working at Event 38; check in by Event 32 (or earlier) to get your nametag

• Second-Shift Concession -- check-in 7:00 pm, get your nametag

• Take-Down Workers - check in by Event 38 (or earlier) - take down starts after the last event... If you are present at the end of the meet, please help with take down and clean-up! We all want to get home!

If your child is swimming in the first half of the meet and you are assigned to work second-shift, you may switch with a first shift worker for that meet. Let Tonya know.

Volunteers are expected to work their complete shift. If you must leave early for an urgent problem, let the people you are working with and the Volunteer Coordinator know so they can ask a back-up volunteer to replace you. We do not expect parents to miss their child’s event because of work. However, do tell your co-workers you are going to watch your child swim.

1. No alcohol at GCSL meets. This has been a rule in the past, but is getting much more serious this season with the new Commissioner. If someone reports a Marlin adult with alcohol, you will be required to pay $150 fine to GCSL. 

2. Kids stay in the bullpen until they swim all their events. If they come to visit, send them on their merry way back to the Bullpen.

3. No kids swimming or wading in the baby pool or slide pool during meets. Again, a GCSL rule. 


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