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Bullpen - area where swimmers wait for their call for a swimming event

Calling Post - an automated phone-tree system used to contact parents about last minute changes, meet cancellations or urgent information

Clerk of the Course - an adult who correctly assembles swimmers behind starting blocks according to event, lane and heat just prior to swimming

County - refers to the Gwinnett County Championship swim meet in July
Deck - area around the ends of the pool reserved for swimmers, officials, and coaches during a swim competition. No parents may cheer from this area.

Disqualified - (DQ) a swimmer's performance is not counted because of a rules infraction, shown by an official raising one arm with open hand above their head. Applies to any age swimmer.

Dive-over start - in the 11/12 and older races, the event/heat on the blocks begin their race before the previous race swimmers have exited the pool. Used to expedite the meet length.

Dual Meet - two teams compete against each other

Event - a race/stroke over a given distance (most meets have 82 events)

False Start - when a swimmer leaves the starting block before the horn. A second false start by anyone will disqualify that swimmer or relay team.

False Start Rope - rope across the width of the pool dropped to stop swimmers who were not aware of a false start

FFF  - Family File Folder, holds all information for swimmer/parent communication, including meet event assignments, ribbons, forms, etc. Check it often!

Final Results
- printed results/scoring of each race, usually posted by the concession stand during a meet and announced at MMM

Freestyle Relay - an event in which 4 swimmers each swim freestyle, one at a time, each going the same distance

Head Official - oversees and meets with the starter and stroke & turn judges, handles any DQ questions and sees that all rules are followed

Head Timer - prior to meet, organizes volunteers, provides timer instructions, assigns lanes, gives out watches, serves as a back-up timer.

Heat - the division of an event with too many swimmers to compete at the same time; compiled using swimmers’ previous times, with fastest swimmers in the final heat

Heat Ribbons - given to the winner of a single heat

Heat Sheet - printed listing of all swimmers' seed times in the various events at a swim meet, sold at the concessions. Used to see what event/heat/lane your child swims, competing times and order of the events.

IM - Individual Medley. A swimming event using all four competitive strokes. The order must be Butterfly, Backstroke, Breaststroke, Freestyle. Equal distances must be swum of each stroke.

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